Our Mission

Nice 2 Meet Ya is a dedicated team who are passionate about bringing people together in Hertfordshire. Having worked with many adults with autism and learning disabilities, we’re not only passionate about helping you develop socially but we also really understand your health and emotional needs. 

Everyone deserves to be happy – to have fun, build friendships, relationships, and also find your dream boyfriend or girlfriend, if you choose to.

Our aim is to help alleviate the feelings of isolation and loneliness felt by many people with autism or a learning disability, and to provide a safe space to make new friends and relationships.


We don’t feel that autism or any disability should get in the way of making new friends, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend or having fun, and we feel that everyone in life should have choices about how they live and love.


Our mission is to help people with autism and learning disabilities to enjoy richer and more fulfilling lives.

At Nice 2 Meet Ya, we’re dedicated to providing life-changing opportunities to people in Hertfordshire and will endeavour to help members develop and maintain friendships, consider deeper relationships and have fun. 


After you sign up, you can be rest assured that you are joining a community that values you. You can enjoy social events each year where members socialise and engage in 1-1 introductions, if you choose, to find your dream match, and so much more. 



Why Us?

Friendship & Love in Hertfordshire 
Statistics indicate that nearly 50% of people with learning disabilities and autism feel lonely and isolated, and this has only become worse since the pandemic began. 


We aim to change this across Hertfordshire, helping people with learning disabilities and autism connect, develop friendships, have fun, start a relationship, find love and feel like they belong to a community that understands and respects them.

Finding Friendship and Love in the Age of the Pandemic
Making friends can be very difficult for someone with a learning disability and autism. The pandemic along with the lockdowns that followed has made this even more difficult. No matter what kind of circumstances the pandemic leads to in the future, we will be here to help you socialise, maintain friendships and safely meet new people. 

Join us today! 

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