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Is Nice to Meet Ya just a dating website?

It’s much more, actually! An entire community of events and activities where people with a Learning Disability or Autism can safely connect with others like them.

How might Nice 2 Meet Ya help my autistic child, friend or loved one?

It can be difficult to support your child, friend or sibling, for instance, in making new friendships or to date – not because you do not want to support them but often because you have probably spent a long time trying hard to have their health or social care needs met and you might not be sure of the best way to help them.

At Nice 2 Meet Ya, your loved one is in good hands! We aim to provide a safe space, promote self-care and increase self-esteem – helping members connect with people who share similar interests and this is merely the first step in helping them develop healthy friendships and relationships.


How much does it cost to become a member at Nice 2 Meet Ya and how can I pay?

We have three annual subscription-based memberships which lasts for 12 months. Blue membership costs £100 per year, Yellow Membership costs £130 per year, Pink membership costs £160 per year. We will continue to offer payment plans to pay membership costs to any members who would find this helpful.

The membership fee must be paid prior to becoming a member. We accept payment for membership by card, bank transfer and cheque.

Membership fees cover what is included in the packages. Sub-group meet ups and Introductions (where you meet up 1-1 with other members) will entail an additional cost outside of the membership cost. You will need to pay for yourself with anything arranged i.e. cinema, going out for dinner – and the other member will pay for themselves too.

How do you help autistic people find the right match?

We’re much more than your average dating club. Members are matched based on their interests, personality and age, as well as their relationship goals. We work with members to build realistic relationship goals. We show you profiles and you can decide if you would like to meet the person or not and we will listen to all your feedback when you see profiles or meet people.

Once I apply online, what happens next?

Once we have received your membership application, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your application and arrange a consultation.

What Happens Next Nice 2 Meet Ya Process[9389].png

What areas do you cover?

We’re currently the only friendship and relationship matching group in Hertfordshire helping Autistic people and those with Learning Disabilities find friendship and romance. We may also be able to help you become a member if you live outside of Hertfordshire. Please contact us to get started.

How can we get started?
People can sign up directly themselves and we also take referrals from professionals via our application form on our website or by email –


Supported Living/ Care Homes - if you have more than one resident/ service user who are considering signing up – we can arrange to visit them if this would be easier.

Why do we request a reference for each new member? 

As part of our application process, we ask for a character/ supporting reference for all new member applications. This is required from a professional who knows the individual such as a doctor, care manager, support worker or social worker.  This is to make sure that our group is suitable for them.

The character/ supporting reference letter needs to be written on headed paper or from a work email address and sent to us at It needs to confirm name and diagnosis, how long they have known the individual and confirm that they feel that Nice 2 Meet Ya is an appropriate service for them.


We also ask for a copy of (passport/ freedom pass/ driving licence) to complete an ID check.

What is the initial Consultation process? 

We meet all new members and this can be arranged at a venue that the person can travel to or we can arrange to meet the person where they live if this would be helpful.

If the question you had in mind is not listed here, please contact us.