What We Do

We’re a community support group based in Hertfordshire – the first dedicated friendship and dating group of its kind in the county for adults who have a learning disability and/or autism. 
We’re not just a dating club at Nice 2 Meet Ya – we’re much, much more than that – helping people with autism and a learning disability to develop and maintain healthy friendships. For those who would like to meet a “someone special”, they can take advantage of our full matching service, where we offer safe and private 1-1 introductions. 

Building friendships, relationships, and a social network or dating your dream boyfriend/girlfriend is easier than you think. 

How We Do It
Having someone special in your life with whom you can share your ups and downs with is something everyone deserves – a learning disability or autism, for example, shouldn’t be something that prevents you from doing that.

Our friendly team at Nice 2 Meet Ya will help prepare a personal profile with the enhanced or full membership, which will be shared only with people you want to pass this information onto. Once you are a member, you can enjoy being apart of the Nice 2 Meet Ya community, socialising and mingling with others like yourself – people who simply want to have fun, meet others, enjoy friendship, and maybe even engage in a little romance. 
All membership packages will include seasonal parties each year – all in a COVID-secure venue – and at least one chance each year to really dress up and put your best foot forward! Additionally, there will be optional workshops for interested members covering a range of topics. 

You’ll also have access to the exclusive Nice 2 Meet Ya mobile app, where you can safely chat with other Nice 2 Meet Ya members. A dedicated staff member will always be available via the app to make sure that everything is running great. We will have regular quizzes and competitions.  Members can get better acquainted through the forum and video calling sessions, should they choose. 
Additionally we want to provide practical support to members where possible, such as informing you about support services we know of, as well as fun activity classes and also support you in accessing help when you need it. We can also provide a confidential financials / benefits check for our members and can provide extra support with applying, if appropriate.  This is an optional service and will be offered when you sign up.