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All About Nice 2 Meet Ya !!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Did you know, in the Hertfordshire area there are around 7,175 adults (between 18-64 years old) who have a diagnosis of Autism or a Learning Disability. We bet that’s a bigger statistic than you imagined. And recent statistics indicate that nearly 50% of people with Learning Disabilities and Autism feel lonely and isolated, and this has only become worse since the pandemic began.

In Hertfordshire there are roughly 60 groups and societies dedicated to young adults with Autism and Learning Difficulties but these groups are not dedicated to helping adults to create strong relationships and bonds.

People with Learning Disabilities and Autism who live in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas have a real lack of opportunity to join social clubs, meet new friends and start relationships outside of their usual support services in a safe and a supportive way. At Nice 2 Meet Ya, we want to change that.

Nice 2 Meet Ya is Hertfordshire’s very first dedicated friendship and dating group for adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism and ADHD, devoted to supporting members in developing and maintaining friendships and relationships and building meaningful connections.

Our vision is to play a part in helping to create a richer and more connected life for our members who have Autism and Learning Disabilities as we feel that everyone can have choices about how they live and who they love. We want to empower our members to live with more independence and choice and to take control of their friendships, relationships and lives. We are determined to continually push boundaries and challenge assumptions in order to ensure that our focus is always on supporting our members to achieve the best possible outcomes for them in their lives.

The safety of our members is paramount. Nice 2 Meet Ya is a group that will safely keep people connected and also help them feel like they are part of a group that is supportive and understands them. Our friendship and dating matching service will ensure that our members are connected based on their interests, personality and age through a comprehensive and effective member database.

We are aiming to hold at least four Nice 2 Meet Ya events throughout the year, increasing events as our membership base grows. Our events will offer our members the chance to have fun, make new friends and our matching service will support members with meeting people 1-1 which we know can be easier for some people then meeting people in groups and also support members with dating. Our events will be held at venues across Hertfordshire meaning there will be plenty of opportunities for members to get together.

Not only is Nice 2 Meet Ya an opportunity for members to meet new people in in their local area, it also acts as an information hub for members, signposting members to external agencies and groups for specific support. We collect information on quality organisations, support groups and services and share this with members and their families.

Becoming a member of Nice 2 Meet Ya is simple. Our memberships are on an annual subscription basis and we offer payment plans to anyone who would find this helpful.

We have three membership types available: Blue, Yellow & Pink to suit everyone. For more information on what each membership includes, head over to

To apply, just fill out our online application form:

Once we receive your form, we’ll then get in touch with you to get started! We hope to see you soon!

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